DIY Monogrammed Sunflower Wreath

So with summer coming up, I wanted something to make our front door look more “homey”. I love DIYs, monogramming, flowers, wood, and wreaths. I’m kind of OBSESSED with wreaths, there’s so many I fall in love with every time I see them 🙂

Everything I used for this project you can find at Walmart!

***With my DIYs, I try to keep them as minimalistic and cheap as possible. IF there are expensive things on here, it’s because they have to be; that there is no other option. 🙂

What you’ll need:

  1. Hot glue gun // glue sticks
  2. Twig wreath; you can find these at Walmart. (I think they’re around $5)
  3. Fake sunflower stems (you can find these in the floral isle)
  4. Rope string, for hanging the wreath
  5. Door hanger hook, of course 😉

OPTIONAL: Monogrammed Initial

  1. Wooden letter- I got the one that my last name started with.
  2. Navy Paint
  3. White paint pen, optional
  4. Paintbrush

SN** I used the navy paint on my wooden letter AND on my rope string. I felt like with it being white it stuck out too much, so I went ahead and painted it to match the letter. 🙂

Let’s get started!

First, I plugged in my hot glue gun to let it go ahead and get heated up. I wanted it to be ready as soon as I needed it (impatient). While I was waiting on the glue gun, I started taking the sun flowers off of their stems. I looked for close to an hour for pretty, colorful summer flowers, but with a small town Walmart as my only option, I settled for the sunflowers. Not a bad choice, just not my initial first pick. 🙂 With that being said, any flower will be beautiful, but I went simple on this one 😉

On each stem, there was one large flower and two smaller flowers. I took off each one, (they just popped off from where they were attached at the stem). I tried cutting them, but it works a whole lot better if you just pop them off the top. After I had them all off, I placed them on the wreath until I had them arranged how I wanted them, leaving enough room to put my letter on there, also. Once everything was placed how I wanted it, I glued down the flowers and started painting my letter. When my letter was painted, I glued it down, too. It didn’t take long to dry, so as soon as I glued everything down, I put some heavy things on top of the wreath to help hold it down a little better. While it was drying, I went ahead and put on some plastic gloves and used the rest of the navy paint to dye the rope. I put the paint in one hand and put the rope in the other, and mixed it thoroughly together until it was all covered, then sat it outside so it could dry. After a couple of hours, it was dry. After it dried, I went ahead and cut it short enough where I could tie it around my wreath and hang it on my door. Whenever I got it how I wanted it, I took my white paint pen, and started putting small dots on the navy blue B. When I had it how I liked it, I gave it a few minutes to air dry, and hung it up! 🙂

This was a very inexpensive project, and all of my paint is washable. Besides the hot glue gun, I would definitely say this is a kid friendly, hands on type of project!

********PICTURES BELOW!!!!*******


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