About Me

DIY ∙ Lifestyle ∙ Advice ∙ Recipes


Coffee, sweet tea, & carbs- my love line to life. Well.. That and my husband. 😉

I live in a town with a population smaller than the number of kids that attended my old K-12 high school. On my way to civilization, I pass nothing but row crop fields, cow pastures, and hunting clubs. I own a small landscaping business with my husband here in LA, (Lower Alabama), where the weather is either rainy or hot. So, I guess we made the right move cutting grass for our living. Lol. We’re a couple of 20-something-year-old kids who mainly live on love and laughter. I married my Jesse Tanner on August 13 of last year in a small church surrounded by our close family and friends. He is the inspiration behind so much that I do and the one that puts a smile on my face. He really is my best friend and the person I’m truly in love with- something so hard to come by in this generation we’re growing up in.


I love doing “at-home” projects, or DIYs as I call them. DIY: do-it-yourself projects. In my opinion, one of the most therapeutic things in this world. Don’t get me wrong- shopping is one of my weaknesses. But, unlike most girls, getting a little paint slung on me in my backyard when I’m working on one of my projects is well worth my time.

When I’m not getting down and dirty with some antique upcycles, you can find me in my kitchen. I’m an old country grandma at heart when it comes to cooking! My great grandmother always said, “If you don’t make a mess in your kitchen while you’re cooking, it probably doesn’t taste good.” It makes me feel a lot better to remember that when I turn to see what looks like a bomb has gone off in my kitchen:).

My recipes come from a long line of family cookbooks, (both my side and my husband’s side), where nothing can compare to how delicious and decadent our ancestor’s meals still taste in this modern day from such a long time ago. I can’t wait to share so many good meal and dessert recipes on my blog with everyone- if you try them, you’ll have to leave a comment, message, or email me your results or anything extra you’d like to know how to do/what to see from me:) I’ll be leaving my information at the end of every one of my posts so it’ll be easier to get up with me. As for the advice, well.. I’ll try my best to do the best. Deal? Deal.


I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about me! If there’s anything you guys would like to know more about me, shoot me some questions on here! I hope you guys enjoy this!!:)


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